Welcome to Gyanasampat

Welcome to Gyana Sampat – literally means Wealth of Knowledge.

India is culturally very rich and we have a treasure of knowledge by way of scriptures. Unfortunately, these are being neglected due to various reasons. Leaving out other issues, a very common issue faced by majority of people, especially the youth, is lack or no understanding of Sanskrit language. This is a huge barrier in learning Indian Philosophy. We are fortunate to still have considerable resources that enable study of Indian Philosophy.

Objective of Gyana Sampat is to form a valuable resource point to source books, CD’s etc that will enable learning for common people and more specifically the youth.

Gyana Sampat is a non-profit venture with the only objective of promoting resources associated with Indian philosophy – specifically, Dvaita Vedanta, propounded by Sri. Madhvacharya.

Primarily,  listed are the wonderful books written by Sri. T. S. Raghavendran (TSR)

Sri TSR has published 225 books so far – all of them follow a unique pattern – presentation in Sanskrit followed by an interpretation in English. The objective is to make the wonderful knowledge as in the scriptures understandable to common people who have limited, or no knowledge of Sanskrit.

Kindly note that all products listed here are sold at cost price with the sole objective of making these valuable books available to truth seekers.

In case of any queries write to contact@gyanasampat.in