Release of Book 219 – Sri Vishnu Tatwa Vinirnaya – Part 5

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  • Sri. TSR Book 219 released by Sri Sri Vidyesa Tirtha Swamiji, Coimbatore

6th Feb, 2014

219th book written by Sri TSR, Sri Vishnu Tatwa Vinirnaya Part 5 was released by the noble hands of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyesa Theertha Sripadangalavaru of Sri Bhandarakeri Mutt, Udupi at Teppakulam Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Raja Street, Coimbatore.

His Holiness described that the seva achievements of Sri TSR are very extraordinary and unique. Sri TSR explained as to how these five parts have been told with. His Holiness was overwhelmed with happiness and explained about the greatness and richness of this marvellous work – Sri Vishnu Tatwa Vinirnaya.

On 6th Feb, 2014, Vijaya Uttarayana Sukla paksha saptami, Thursday, in the presence of many devotees Sri  Sri Swamiji categorically asserted and said that such history of writing books by an author single handed is unheard of. Sri Sri Swamiji profusely blessed Sri TSR.

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