Sri. C.M. Padmanabhachar

C M Padmanabhachar

Sri. C.M. Padmanabhachar
1864 to 1919
Geethartha Vibhushana Sironmani

Sri. C.M. Padmanabhachar was the only son of his father, Sri. Madhvachar. He studied under his father Dvaita vedanta philosophy of Sri. Madhvacharya. He was a renowned lawyer who practised at Coimbatore.

Sri. Madhva Shastra Sampanna C.M. Padmanabhachar, High Court Vakil, Coimbatore has done eminent service to the cause of the Dvaita literature. He belongs to the illustrious Tamraparni family that is known for the proficiency of its members in Sanskrit literature generally, and more particularly in Dvaita philosophy. His proficiency has been acknowledged both in English and Sanskit and the religious education and training he had under his renowned father may be taken as guarantee for the accuracy and soundness of the interpretations he has given to the texts in accordance with the doctrines of the Dvaita school of philosophy. His great work in English, the Life and Teachings of Sri. Madhva, made him famous with students of sacred literature.

In the year 1917, he was conferred Geethartha Vibhushana Sironmani by the eight Swamijies of Sri. Krishna Mutt, Udupi in a Vidwat Sadas headed by the then illustrious Saint of Sri. Adhamar Mutt.

He is the author of the following works :

  • Dhruva’s Penance – Drama in Sanskrit with English Translation
  • Govardhanesa Vilasa – Drama in Sanskrit with English Translation
  • Commentary on Dwadasa Strotra in Sanskrit
  • Madhvakathamuruta in Kannada
  • Life and Teachings of Sri. Madhvacharyar in English
  • Geeta Bhava Chandrika on the first six chapters of Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit
  • A Critical Study of Bhagavad Geeta in English – First six chapters