Sri Sri 1008 Sri Raghuthama Theertha Mahan Mritika Brindavana, Coimbatore

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    Pavamana Homa at Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Press Colony on 29-3-2014 and Sri Swamiji offering Mangalarti
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    Sri TSR is submitting details about the place & the arrangements and also in brief, about the events from 1996 to 2014
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    Sri TSR submitting the original settlement deed in favour of the Mutt together with all the original supporting title deeds. Sri. Venkataramanachar toiled all these years for the pooja, is standing next to Sri. TSR
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    His Holiness was kind enough to accept the settlement and received the documents
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    Sri Swamiji blessed and did anugraha to Sri TSR by offering him the sacred vatsara which was used for one year to carry Sri Moola Rama box with other vigraham. then for 4 months Sri Swamiji had used for him.
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    Sri. TSR felt very happy
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    Sri Swamiji did anugraha speech to the large devotees gathered at that time
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    Mritika Brindavana of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Raghuthama Theertha Mahan at Press Colony installed in the year 1996
  • 9
    Sri Swamiji performed Kshera abhisheka to the holy Brindavana
  • 10
    Then Mangalarti was offered and all devotees felt very happy and had great joy & satisfaction

Sri Sri 1008 Sri Raghuthama Theertha Mahan Mritika Brindavana at Press Colony, Coimbatore – 641 019

29-3-2014 was a great day in the humble life of Sri. T.S. Raghavendran (TSR) of Coimbatore. On 4-6-1996 Sri TSR got land measuring 5 Cents (~367 Sq. Ft.) at Press Colony. He built a temple and installed the Mritika Brindavan of Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha and the entire function was celebrated having Pandit Sri Wattangad Hariachar of Srirangam with his assistants in a grand manner. Later for mandala pooja Avadani Sri Bhimachar of Srirangam performed this in a grand manner.

Later in the year 1997,1998,1999 and 2000, Sri TSR acquired adjacent site and it became a substantial property of large area with buildings also. The market value exceeded more than 50 Lakhs in the year 2014. Sri TSR out of great reverence, regard and respect to Sri Sri 1008 Sri Satyatma Thirtha Mahan of Sri Uttaradi Mutt, settled the property in favour of Sri Uttaradi Mutt headed by the holy saint as per the registered settlement deed dated 21-3-2014, Regd. on 24/3/1914 Door No. 3690/2014. Stamp Duty and Regn. charges came to Rs. 3,32,500/- paid by the Mutt.