Sri Sri 1008 Sri Veda Nidhi Theertha Mahan

विद्याधीशाब्धिसंभूतो विद्वत्कुमुदबान्धवः।
वेदनिध्याख्यचन्द्रोऽयं कामितार्थान् प्रयच्छतु॥

By the grace of Sri Harivayugalu and by the blessings of my parents I wish to submit Silver Kavacham for the Holy Brindavana of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Veda Nidhi Theertha Mahan (1631-1636) whose moola brindavan is at Pandarpur, Sholapur district, Maharashtra. Admittedly this is a very great and ancient ksetra where Lord Sri Panduranga is residing permanently to help his devotees.

The said Mahan was the sisya of great Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidhya Deesa Theertha Mahan who was the sisya of Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Maha Prabhu of Tirukoilyur.

The total cost comes up to Rs. 3 Lakhs and I humbly request you to please contribute to the maximum extent and earn permanent punya.

Payment may be made by cash, cheque or demand draft in favour or Vittal Associates, Coimbatore or can be transferred to Vittal Associates, s/b account with State Bank of India, Coimbatore – 641001. Bank account number – 11012996299 and IFSC Code is SBIN0004792

With regards and prayers for the welfare of all members of your family.

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