The Magnanimity of Sri. Hanuman

Sri Hanuman with Sri SitaSri. Hanuman set a fine example for many manly laudable virtues in Ramayana. One among them, is detailed below. Sri Hanuman was always ready to help the real devotees of Sri Rama, whatever may be the quantum of seva, done by them. Sri Hanuman was interested in their real bonafide intention to serve Sri Rama.

When all the monkeys reached the southern sea, there was a great discussion as to who should reach and communicate with mother Sita. Each one went on describing about their ability to cross the sea with all limitations. Finally, Angada, son of Vali said, that he may cross the sea, but may not be able to reach Asoka Vana, by crossing the barriers there in Lanaka engaged by the asura Ravana. So his purpose will not be solved.

Finally all the monkeys and the elderly person Jambavanta pleaded to Sri Hanuman,

त्वमेक एव अत्र परं समर्थः
कुरुष्व च एतत् परिपाहि वानरान् ॥

Then Sri Hanuman said, that he would do by the grace of Sri. Rama. He did namaskaras to Sri Rama mentally and flew over the sea. He did many many heroic deeds at Lanka and also on the way, he killed Akshakumara one of the sons of Ravana, to show that Ravana can also be killed by him. Because the strength of Akshakumara, Indrajit and Ravana were equal. Sri Hanuman met Sri Sita and submitted the ring of Rama and took in turn Chudamani and burnt most of the city and came back to the southern sea shore, where all the monkeys were eagerly waiting for his arrival with great anxious faces.

Sri Hanuman having done all the heroic deeds by himself, without any help by the other monkeys, came only to their places, without going straight to Sri Rama. This act itself is highly laudable.

Not only that, Sri Hanuman proceeded to Sri. Rama by taking all the monkeys with him.

रामं सुरेश्वरं अगण्यगुणाभिरामं
सम्प्राप्य सर्वकपिवीरवरैःसमेतः ।
चूडामणिं पवनजः पदयोः निधाय​
सर्वाङगकैः प्रणतिमस्य चकार भक्त्या ॥

The term ‘सर्वकपिवीरवरैःसमेतः‘ – along with all the monkeys is the most important.

This shows the swabhava (attitude) of Sri Hanuman. Sri Vayu is the deity who takes the devotees before Paramatma and makes recommendation to consider their cases. Then only Paramatma considers them सः एनान् ब्रह्न गमयति । The Sutra 4-3-12 says  ॐ परं जैमिनिः मुख्यत्वात् ॐ states परं = Vayu sees that the devotees reach the Uttama Vishnu.

As an indication of that attribute, Sri Hanuman took all the monkeys before Sri Rama to get His anugraha. This magnanimity of Sri Hanuman is indescribable. He is too great and too noble. He proved that the most important word is ‘We’ but the least important word is ‘I’.

He is the most merciful Jivatma and because of his grace only other jivas survive.

Sri Mantralaya Prabhu states:
‘दीनं दूनं अनाथं शरणागतं एनं उद्धर’ इति वि विज्ञापनकर्तॄणाम् ।  is the noblest job before Sri Hari, he does on out behalf.

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