Sri. T.S. Raghavendran (TSR)

TSRTamraparni Subbachar Raghavendran, popularly known as TSR.

TSR is the 3rd son of Sri. D. V. Subbachar. He is an Advocate practising in Coimbatore, India. He secured first rank in the Presidency in the F.L. Examination and final B.L. Examination. Secured highest marks in the history of Madras Law College breaking all the earlier records of the University. Till date, the record stands unbroken. Secured highest marks in the State Bar Council Exam and won the Gold medal. Legal Adviser to several leading companies, nationalised banks and others.

He studied under his Guru and father, Sri. D. V. Subbachar, an accredited traditional scholar of Vedanta. He studied under him for many years on Vedanta. At present he conducts daily classes on Brahma Sutras, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita etc. He has participated in several sabhas,  sadas, debates, discourses, conferences.

He is the Founder Trustee for many charitable Institutions connected to philosophy, religion and other mundane charitable objects. He is also the Joint Secretary of SMSO Sabha, Chirtanur, Tirupati.

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Limca Book of Records 2013 has included his achievement and conferred the title for Most number of books written on Dvaita Philosophy.

India Book of Records has accepted the entry for Most number of books written on Dvaita Philosophy. This would be published in the year 2014.


Sri Sri 1008 Sri Satyatma Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Uttaradi Mutt on 21-02-2007, profusely blessed Sri TSR and conferred the title of ‘Madhva Mata Ratna’ at Hyderabad and blessed him for continued seva to Vedantic philosophy by the Anugraha of Sri. Rama
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vijnananidhi Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Sripadaraja Maha Samsthanam (Mulbagal Mutt) has conferred and blessed Sri TSR with the title ‘Tatwa Sudha Ratna’ at Erode on 23-3-2006 during the centinary celebrations of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Sudhinidhi Tirtha Mahan. Sri Swamiji asserted that there is no second case like that of Sri. TSR of this century.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Visvesa Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Pejavar Mutt (Udipi) has conferred and blessed Sri. TSR with the title ‘Madhva Bhushanam’ at Chennai on 4-2-2006 during the Amrta Mahotsava of Sri Swamiji and observed that it is an achievement to be noted in the Guinness book of world records of his writing 122 books so far.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyadhisha Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Palimar Mutt (Paryaya Mutt) Udipi on 7-4-2002 conferred the title of ‘Paravidya Pravina’ on him & blessed for continued service to Vedantic Philosophy.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyasagara Madhava Tirtharu of Sri Madhava Tirtha Mutt during his 7th Chaturmasya at Srirangam on 9-8-2009 conferred the title on Sri TSR as ‘Madhva Siddhanta Ksirarnava Rajahamsa’ and released his 164th book.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Raghu Vijaya Tirtha Swamiji of Kudli Arya Aksobhya Tirtha Mutt conferred the title of ‘Ubhaya Sastra Visarada’ on Sri TSR and did anugraha on 29-3-2009 at Ananda Tirtha Mandir, Coimbatore.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyesa Tirtha Swamiji of Bhandarkeri Mutt conferred the ttile of ‘Bhandarkeri RajaHamsaSri’ on Sri. TSR and did anugraha on 6-5-2009 at Srirangam during the 9th year Aradhana of Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha Mahan.
Sri Sri 1008 Sri Suvidyendra Tirtha Swamiji, Bangalore conferred the title of ‘Satsastra Pancanana’ on Sri TSR and blessed for continued seva to Vedanta on 15-8-2008 at Coimbatore during Sri Sri Swamiji’s 7th Chaturmasya
On 7-9-2008 Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidyatma Tirtha Swamiji of Madhva Mutt, Prayag (branch of Palimar Mutt) with all happiness conferred the title ‘Madhva Siddhanta Simha’ on Sri TSR at Anaka-puttur Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mandir, Chennai
On 24-10-2010 Sri 1008 Sri Raghumanya Theertha Swamiji and Sri 1008 Sri Raghuvarendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Bhimasetu Munivrinda Matha, Durvasapura of Sri Achyutaprekshacharya Mula Maha Samsathana conferred the title ‘Bhimasethu Raghaudhwaja Prashasti’ on Sri. TSR at Coimbatore in recognition / appreciation of his outstanding work in dissemination of Dwaita Siddhanta.