Sri Madhwanatha Theertharu

Sri Madhvanatha Sripadangalavaru

Sri. Madhvanatha Sripadangalavaru
1834 to 1931

Sri Madhwanatha Theertharu was born in the year 1834 (Ananda naama Samvatsara). His father Sri Srinivasachar was a very great scholar in all the 4 branches of shastras namely philosophy, logic, grammar and meemamsa. He was also a great scholar in Carnatic music.

At the age of 13 Sri Madhwanatharu had memorized the moola texts with all meanings and commentaries. This is not something impossible for a person who did Sri Sumadhwa Vijaya mangala in just 15 days when he was 7 years old. His memory power was simply outstanding.

Sri Madhwanatharu learned all the granthas very well from his father and when he was just 26 years old he was invited by the king of Trivandrum. Even at a very young age he had large number of disciples not only in Tamil Nadu but also from Andhra Pradesh. He was famously called a Prasiddha Acharya Purusharu. He accepted the invitation and both the father and son decided to go to Trivandrum. In those days, getting appointment from the king of Trivandrum was very difficult. Sri Madhwanatharu had a dream that someone called him in singular noun (ekavachana). From the boyhood days, no one will address him in singular one. He will be called only as “Chikkaacharu”. Therefore, he got surprised that who was calling him in singular noun. It was a great joy for Madhwanatharu to notice that it is Lord Padmanabha appeared in the dream and addressed him so and did vishesha anugraha. Immediately Sri Madhwanatharu composed a sloka on Lord Padmanabha.

While at Trivandrum, one great scholar who was attached to the king, interviewed Madhwanathru and was very impressed by his expertise. Immediately he fixed the appointment with the king. He was also very much impressed by the presentation and tejas of Sri Madhwanatharu. He requested Sri Madhwanatharu to preside over the navaratri sabha as the chairman.  Sri Madhwanatharu defeated all the scholars in a debate held there. Later on, the king wanted to hear the subtle aspects of Nyaaya shastra from Sri Madhwanatharu. He delivered lectures on Nyaaya for 9 days. The king was simply stunned at the scholarship and he took out Madhwanatharu for a procession to felicitate him. He also wanted to present a gold chain. But Sri Madhwanatharu had taken an oath not to accept any benefit from anyone just like Drona Acharya. But out of great compulsion from the king the chain was presented in the sanhidhana of Lord Padmanabha and he never used that chain and gave it to his family members.

Later, he was blessed with a male child who was named as Padmanabha. This child later became an outstanding scholar and member of the Coimbatore Bar Association and also a giant in the Madras High Court popularly known as C.M.Padmanabhachar. He was an accredited scholar who was written many books and also was a well recognized criminal lawyer.

It was a prediction by the astrologers that Sri C.M.Padmanabachar will not be alive to perform last rites for his father. Sri Madhwanatharu was saddened hearing this prediction. Sri C.M.Padmanabhachar passed away at the age of 55 when His Holiness was 85 year old. His Holiness consoled himself and was always praying Lord Hari Vayu for his son’s eternal peace. He was reciting Bhagavat Gita commentary written by his son and praying Lord Hari for his eternal happiness. He lived 12 years after his son’s demise and performing all the rites in karma and gyaana as per the code of conduct enunciated by Sri Vedavyasa.