Mithya Gyana

and Duryodhana Consequent Disasters

In Vishnu-Tattwa-Nirnaya, Srimad Acharya states that, in a fine way the definition for illusion 

In an illusion ‘non-existing’ is comprehended as ‘existing’ and ‘existing’ as ‘non-existing’. Such reverse comprehension is illusion.

In the case of Duryodhana, it is exibited by him and such illusions normally lead to disasters for him. Only proper knowledge will lead to Moksha. Illusions would lead to hell and Duryodhana had that result. For this, few examples are given, in Mahabharata, which is a great sastra, higher to Vedas.

(1) Rajasuya Yaga was performed and completed by Pandavas as per the vedic mandates and all were happy in the Sabha Hall. That hall was splendidly done by Mayasura in a spectacular way. Duryodhana came there in the end after Aghamarshana Snana was completed by Pandavas.

Duryodhana came there with swords etc. on the body along with his brothers. The threshold was not visible to him due to Indranila mani’s shining. At the threshold, Duryodhana missed to enter and dashed against the crystals which were kept at the entrance in order to see the articles inside. Duryodhana dashed against these crystal stones and blood began to flow from his head due to the impact.

(i) This is the misunderstanding and illusion on part of Duryodhana, in not knowing where the entrance was. He left the actual entrance and tried to enter at a wrong place. Due to this illusion, he broke his head.

(ii) This also shows that Kali Duryodhana and others have no entrance where Pandavas and Sri Krsna are there.

(2) Duryodhana then saw in the hall Indranlla manis and Kamala Pushpa on the floor and mistaking the presence of water, he lifted his silk dhoti, only to be disappointed later, there was no water and it was a neat floor.

Again at other place he saw the same position, and thought that there was no water. But on the contrary there was water. So Duryodhana along with his brothers fell down in that water-source miserably.

(i) Thinking that there was entrance, when there was no entrance, Duryodhana dashed his head and had injury.
(ii) Thinking that there was water, Duryodhana raised all the clothes upto his knees, only to be disappointed later, that there was no water.
(iii) Thinking that there was no water Duryodhana proceeded straight with his brothers and fell in the water- source.


Hence the Kali had illusory knowledge and the danger of illusory knowledge is brought here in the form of stories.

Sri Bhimasena on seeing Duryodhana and his brothers falling in the waters, Bhimasena loudly laughed at this, as indicated by Lord Sri Krsna.Then Draupadi, her brother Drshtadyumna and others joined in the laughter and laughed loudly. They did fun of Duryodhana. Then the women belonging to Sri Krsna, joining the path of Sri Bhlmasena loudly laughed.
This brought the war and disaster of Kauravas. All these started due to = illusion.

When Sri Krsna is actually Paramatma, then calling Him or treating Him as an ordinary human being will lead to the same dangerous hells.
Similarly Sri Bhimasena is Jivottama, thinking about him only a strong man but has no knowledge will lead the person definitely and undoubtedly to the same hell.

Book: Harikathamrtasara – Nadi Prakarna Sandhi & Guna Tartamya Sandhi
Diamond [Prameya Ratna] No. 52 Pages 165 through 167